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The Chinese style of education heavily concentrates on proving yourself as a well-developed individual ready to take on the obstacles of life through putting all your efforts into passing one big final exam. The largest issue with this is that not all students are excellent test takers yet they have many other talents in other aspects of their lives. This eventually leads to dissatisfaction in their jobs and they may not be as competitive among their peers for a new job due to this educational culture.

In contrast, western education pays much more attention to the overall comprehensive development of the student. Academic testing abilities is generally only about 50% of the overall evaluation and assessment of the students’ capabilities. Harvard University’s definition of an outstanding high school education is: "not only to lay the foundation for the further education found in a job, but also to allow the children the ability to be highly favored in the future for a larger variety of opportunities. Children should be a versed in mental, physical, and comprehensive development, which will allow them to think independently and to contribute to society in the long term vision of the future.”

The capabilities of a well-educated student shouldn’t be underestimated. Through a holistic and comprehensive based education students will be able to experience the use of their knowledge through creativity and the arts. Students will have opportunities in leadership development and collaboration opportunities, as well. XFIS aims to provide a student based learning model that allows students to excel in more aspects of life than just test taking. XFIS believes that these abilities that students will learn though experience will help them in their future long term career choices, much more beyond the ability to know how to pass one all-encompassing exam.