The XFIS investment in education for the long term --- 厦门南洋学院菲尔德国际部
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The XFIS investment in education for the long term


XFIS provides all incoming students with an exam to test their overall potential in many different fields. To allow students, in line with XFIS, the greatest opportunity to align their school curriculum the test will assist in fully understand the individual needs of each student. The exam will encompass a students psychological behaviors, personal abilities, interests, aspirations, and allows an accurate analysis of the student based on these areas.


XFIS sees the overall importance in providing a student centered atmosphere that allows for all the aspects of education to be covered, in turn growing students into productive adults that will give back to society. XFIS is committed to providing students with the opportunities through its facilities to allow students personal growth in many different aspects beyond academics. Students will engage in self learning, leadership training, community service, the arts, fund raising, and other opportunities as they develop. Students are required to join in these activities beyond only their academic courses to learn through first-hand experience what their interests and strengths are as a person. XFIS feels that a much more comprehensive approach to education will allow the students to be more successful in life beyond their formal educational years.