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         It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Chapel Field.

         I invite you to explore our website and learn more about Chapel Field’s dynamic and diverse community. Chapel Field offers a rich and challenging curriculum, world class programs for athletes and artists of all abilities, and an array of meaningful leadership and service opportunities.

Chapel Field believes in educating the entire student through academic discipline, extracurricular accomplishments, moral character, and a close relationship with God. Students are taught in a rigorous and positive learning environment that prepares them for the challenges of college and life beyond.

        Chapel Field is not just a school, it is a program designed to have its students embrace six imperatives for living: academic discipline, extra-curricular accomplishment, moral character and integrity, personal commitment to Christ and Church, volunteerism and service to humanity, and a faithful Godly lifestyle.

      However, what truly distinguishes a Chapel Field education, are the special and caring relationships between faculty and students that come from our commitment to knowing our students. Those relationships form the cornerstones of our superior academic preparation and make the Chapel Field experience so personally enriching.

       Truly knowing our students offers them a unique and competitive advantage, not just in preparation for college, but for a lifetime of achievement. Together as a faculty and in partnership with students and parents, we take an individualized approach to teaching and learning. We invest in discovering and understanding our students’ talents, interests and personalities. We are thus able to thoughtfully connect each of our students to the learning opportunities best suited to challenge and inspire them, develop their characters and stretch their abilities.

        I invite you to visit Chapel Field’s beautiful 100 acre campus and meet the students and faculty who fill our community every day with a love of learning, integrity, and spirituality.











                             William Spanjer

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